• The volume of data and number of connected devices and services is growing at an unprecedented rate. In order to capture digital revenue streams, develop smarter products and deliver the improved experiences that customers expect, companies and IT departments need to undergo significant transformation.

    White Paper: The Rise of the Modern Data Center

  • Optimize to Innovate

    Along with running large enterprise apps, companies need to continuously develop the mobile applications and embedded software that will transform their products and services. All of this, while simultaneously lowering the cost and improving the performance of their older applications. The only way to achieve both of these goals – to innovate and optimize – is to transform the technology we use to deliver IT services.



    your IT infrastructure



    service delivery through software and APIs



    your IT people and process

  • The Modern Data Center is the future of IT infrastructure, today.


    • Availability: Always on with up to 99.9999% availability
    • Affordability: Reduce costs by up to 80% over 3 years

    Flash storage is a pillar of the Modern Data Center, giving you consistent, predictable, low latency performance across your infrastructure, while dramatically reducing cost and complexity.


    • Increase business agility
    • Reduce IT operating costs by 24%
    • Reinvest savings towards digital transformation

    Cloud-enabling your infrastructure provides you the automation and agility you need to broker seamless IT services. Deploying and managing data and applications can begin right away, liberating your IT, and you, to tackle business needs.


    • 80% storage utilization
    • Scales to 50PB in a single Isilon cluster
    • Multi-protocol capabilities for 2nd & 3rd platform applications

    Scale-out technology is designed to give you low cost of entry, and a single scale-out system that is elastic, allowing you to manage massive capacities, and changes, with very few resources.

    Software Defined

    • 65% lower TCO
    • 8x better performance than traditional SANs

    The software defined model allows you to automate the configuration and deployment of IT services, delivering greater business agility and a more flexible, programmable approach to managing data services.

    • The Modern Data Center begins with infrastructure and a fundamental shift from building to buying.

      Converged infrastructure reduces the time and the cost of deploying, configuring and managing hardware and software components separately and increases time to value for IT investments. It’s essential that converged systems be built on technologies that are third-platform ready: like flash, cloud-enabled, scale-out, and software-defined systems.

      Converged Infrastructure

      Our converged infrastructure solutions are easier, more cost-effective, and provide a much, much more successful way to run your IT. You get to deploy fully optimized, ready-to-go platforms that let you run your core business applications, services, and capabilities.

      Converged Infrastructure Solutions

      more applications deployed


      faster time to market for new services


      reduction in downtime


      less time on keeping the lights on

  • “If a business is to operate with the agility, speed and efficiency required of the digital era, its IT organization must deliver a Modern Data Center built upon technologies that can enable it.”

    Jeremy Burton, President, Products and Marketing

  • Business transformation depends on unparalleled protection and trust at every level.

    Build a solid foundation of data protection, security, services and support to accelerate your journey to a Modern Data Center.


      Data Protection

      Trust that your data is always protected wherever it lives with the industry’s broadest portfolio of data protection software and storage solutions covering all consumption models, including on premises, virtual, hybrid and public clouds. Meet any SLA requirement with Continuous Availability, Replication, Snapshots, Backup and Archive all while driving down cost and complexity.



      Our 17,000 service experts worldwide leverage proven methodologies, industry best practices, and more than 20 years of service experience to assist customers in modernizing legacy applications and infrastructure, consolidating and migrating data centers, enabling developers to build cloud native apps, accelerate the return on technology investments and leveraging big data analytics to transform their business.



      EMC knows that a Modern Data Center requires a modern customer service experience. We empower you to take control of your experience by providing a wide-range of customer service offerings and support capabilities that are personalized, predictive and proactive. Whether you want to upgrade your warranty coverage or personalize your support, you have access to technical experts, flexible support options, and multiple support channels – online, mobile or traditional – to meet your needs.


  • Every business should be prepared for a more connected world.


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