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EMC and Pivotal are part of a unique Federation of strategically aligned businesses, each focused and free to execute individually or together. The Federation provides customer solutions and choice for the software-defined enterprise and the emerging technology evolution of mobile, cloud, big data and social, transformed by billions of users and millions of apps.

Joint Industry Leadership

Joint Industry Leadership

Together, EMC and Pivotal are working to shape the solutions of the future Big Data and Cloud through collaborative efforts across our organizations. EMC and Pivotal are members of the Cloud Foundry Foundation whose mission is to deliver the global industry standard open source PaaS technology with a thriving ecosystem. As founding members of the Open Data Platform Association (ODPA), EMC and Pivotal are committed to and supporting a common core of key Apache Hadoop and big data technologies and initiative, enabling our customers to become more agile and focus on building business driven applications.
Joint Solutions

Joint Solutions

Pivotal is an integral member of the EMC Federation and a key enabler of EMC’s big data, PaaS and 3rd platform initiatives. EMC and Pivotal, together with VMware, RSA and VCE offer tightly integrated solutions that allow for customer choice and flexibility as well as best in class industry technology, talent and intellectual property. As an example of the power of the federation, the Federation Business Data Lake is a fully-engineered, enterprise-grade data lake that makes enabling big data initiatives radically simple. Pre-configured building blocks, converged infrastructure, and an intuitive recommendation engine let you focus on building new capabilities instead of a new infrastructure.
Strong Technical Interlock

Strong Technical Interlock

The relationship with Pivotal includes deep interlock across core and emerging EMC technologies resulting in new opportunities for our customers. Pivotal’s technology is embedded in some of EMC’s most critical solution initiatives, including EMC Hybrid Cloud, data lake, and PaaS, and is an essential enabler of how EMC takes those solutions to market.

About Pivotal

Pivotal is a trusted partner for IT innovation and digital transformation, enabling enterprises to provide modern software-driven experiences for their customers and workforces. Pivotal offers a modern approach to technology that organizations need to thrive in a new era of business innovation. Our solutions intersect cloud, big data and agile development, creating a framework that increases data leverage, accelerates application delivery, and decreases costs, while providing enterprises the speed and scale they need to compete. For more information about Pivotal, please visit


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