• Cloud native, simplified

    VxRack Neutrino is an innovative turnkey system that provides cloud native IaaS. The new web-scale architecture is designed for Enterprises that are looking to transform from developing traditional (P2) applications to cloud native (P3) applications. VxRack Neutrino is simple, reliable and just works!


      Turnkey Enterprise Grade, IaaS System

      VxRack Neutrino delivers rack scale performance with software defined storage. You can scale as business demands fluctuate with just the required increments. With single vendor support and robust monitoring-reporting capabilities, VxRack Neutrino offers a truly enterprise grade experience and serves as a robust infrastructure for Native Hybrid Cloud solution.


      Multi-service Ready

      A single system supports IaaS, PaaS (delivered through Native Hybrid Cloud engineered solution) and other cloud native platforms such as VMware Photon and Hadoop (future offerings). Our engineered pre-tested system enables you to deploy a fully operational OpenStack environment within hours.


      Compelling Economics

      Reduce your CAPEX with industry standard hardware, integrated with software built using open standards. The hyper-converged architecture helps you lower your OPEX with automated updates, reduced management and data center overhead.

  • Cloud-native environments are at the leading edge of digital transformation. These environments work best with an infrastructure that is elastic, automated, software defined and offers public cloud like experience.

    VxRack Neutrino, is designed to reduce complexity so you can deploy a stable, enterprise-grade OpenStack environment quickly and successfully.  With automated updates, single click service provisioning, and easy maintenance of the entire stack, you can better address business critical needs. VxRack Neutrino also helps lower your TCO with industry standard hardware and single-vendor support for the entire hardware and software stack.

  • Related Products and Solutions


      VxRack System 1000 with FLEX Nodes

      VxRack System 1000 with FLEX Nodes powered by EMC ScaleIO virtualizes the internal node's direct-attached storage into a shared network-based block storage that is similar to SAN storage.

      • Software-defined storage utilizing commodity hardware for block storage
      • EMC ScaleIO software- defined storage (SDS)
      • Start small and grow to extreme scale (1000+ nodes)
      • Hyper-visor agnostic

      VxRack System 1000 with SDDC Nodes

      VCE VxRack TM System 1000 SDDC powered by VMware EVO SDDC is a new class of hyper-converge integrated systems that provides the easiest path to a VMware software-defined data center.

      • Turnkey private cloud with VMware EVO SDDC
      • Start small and scale incrementally to hundreds of nodes 
      • Enhanced network and security capabilities with VMware NSX™  
      • Fully software-defined with complete private cloud
      • New EVO SDDC Manager for single pane of glass management

      Native Hybrid Cloud

      Native Hybrid Cloud is a fully turnkey Pivotal Cloud Foundry developer platform that offers a new way of delivering cloud-native applications at the speed of business, bringing developers and operations teams together. It is a perfect way to boost development productivity while reducing cost, time, and complexity of building and maintaining an in-house infrastructure for applications development.

      • Innovate faster at the speed of business
      • Empower developers with “it just works” user experience
      • Accelerate IT Ops 
      • Integrate with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and choice of infrastructure options
      • Engineered solution with complete support


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